In the event of an accident, please proceed as follows:

  1. Immediately inform the police in the following cases:
    1. A third party is involved in the accident (e.g. due to rear-end collision, breach of the right-of-way rule)
    2. Damage was caused by a third party without your being on site or involved yourself (e.g. your BMW was hit by a third party in a car park without notifying you)
  2. Please fill in the accident protocol.
  3. Report the damage by email to or call us on +41 (0) 41 525 82 10.
  4. You will then receive a claim reference number from us.
  5. Please locate the dealer as indicated by our BMW subscription service colleague.
  6. We take care of everything else with the insurance and the BMW subscription partner.


A third party damaged by you can contact our insurance partner directly at or call us on +41 (0) 41 525 82 10. Please make sure that they know the license plate number of your vehicle.

Towing service picks up BMW Abo.Towing service picks up BMW Abo.
Empty driveway waiting for BMW Abo.Empty driveway waiting for BMW Abo.